FIME Medical Expo (8/8-8/10/2017) - The world-top medical exhibition, Swiss Lifetrons shows cutting-edge medical technology all over the world!

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The world-top medical exhibition FIME Medical Expo will having a big opening in Orlando on Aug. 8th 2017,  Lifetrons shows medical products in the exhibition, we officially announce Swiss Lifetrons boutique brand starting to across medical science & technology field, and with its multiple medical monitoring of the new product - Intelligent Physiology Signal Detection System, Baby Physiology Signal Detection System, Multi - spectral imaging skin analysis and product guidance System to reveal significant influence of high-tech on the future medical development. Lifetrons advocates not only bring people exquisite life but also having a happy healthy life. 

Swiss Lifetrons originated in offering high-end products for the passengers to experience a enjoyable traveling life. Lifetrons constantly efforts to carry out the Swiss technology spirit to the extreme, its high quality product won numerous awards, such as the iF design award, Red Dot design award, CMPC certification, etc., and are widespread in air lines and duty-free shops around the world. In 2016, Lifetrons entered into the Beauty and Medical technology field, its unique design of the products are keeping high quality and innovation of traditional Swiss standard, creating beautiful skin and health & happy life to users.

FIME is the Largest International Medical Trade Fair and Congress in the United States, which has successfully held 26 sessions. In Orlando, the scale of the exhibition in 2017 is enlarged from 275,000 square feet to 360,000 square feet compare with 2016. Meanwhile, there are more than 22,000 professionals from North America, South America, Caribbean and surrounding areas. In addition, we will add more specialized medical conference to attract more audience to join us. Welcome to visit our booth and we are looking forward to meeting with you.

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