·Revitalize and brighten the skin with Lifetrons EM-400!

·This massager is a break-through personal care product designed for easing eye skin problems.

· It is not only stylish but also practical and easy to use.

·When in contact with human skin, the massager will generate negative ion constantly to enhance the absorption of the skin essence into the base skin layer, and also start to vibrate in a low frequency for a relieving massage.

·The massager is able to eliminate fine lines and puffiness under the eyes, relieve eye fatigue and lighten dark circles, thus empowering your eyes with shining energetic look.







  • Integrated negative ion treatment and low frequency vibration technology

  • Negative ion helps skincare nutrients penetrate deep into the skin

  • Micro-vibration for enhanced skin nourishment and circulation

Hydrating & Tendering Cream

  • The light and silky texture of this cream is easily absorbed while

  • hydrating the skin and locking in moisture.

Aloe Restoring Mask

  • The aloe essence can nourish the skin and relieve discomfort caused by

  • dehydration or sunburn.

Lifetron Ion Eye Massager | EM-400
Solve Skin Problems & Restore Natural Glow

Rechargeable with ION Technology 

Lifting|Firming|Remove wrinkles|Relieve fatigue

Enhance nutrition absorbtion|Activate skin cellsHelps import skincare and restore the skin’s natural glow.



  • Working voltage: 3.7V

  • Vibration frequency: 130/200Hz

  • ION intensity: 3.7V

  • Power Supply: 190mAh

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