Product details of Lifetrons Icy Hot Facial IH-100

  • By adapting scientific "alternative hot & cold" beauty concept, this device can effectively contract and relax skin blood vessels alternatively with rhythm. It stimulates blood circulation and promotes waste discharge like carbon dioxide etc., which benefit supply and absorption of active oxygen. At the same time, it brings enriched nutrients and water deep into the bottom skin layer to promote metabolism of skin cells. The temperature difference between hot & cold stimuli can stimulate the regeneration & realignment of collagen and elastin, leading to smooth blood circulation which aids in nutrient absorption of skin which in turn restores skin elasticity.Thermotherapy (Heat Therapy) Treatment

  • • Thermotherapy is a heat-based treatment that allow the skin to be prepared for microdermabrasion and also be used to relieve pain, relax collagen tissue, decrease joint stiffness, relieve muscle spasms and reduce inflammation.Cryotherapy (Cold Therapy) Treatment

  • • Cryotherapy refers to the use of low-temperatures in slowing down the cellular metabolism and also to close the pores after the heat treatment to avoid any further contamination. This treatment tends to create a soothing effect, ensuring the skin feels completely refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated.

  • Features

  • Combines low-frequency micro-vibrations with negative ion technology for more radiant skin

  • produces 150 vibrations per second to help improve blood circulation, stimulate facial muscle and relieve fatigue

  • negative ion technology helps enhance skincare and nutrient absorption deep into the skin

  • helps smooth wrinkles reduce fine lines, lighten dark circles and tighten skin

  • inductive power mechanism turns the device on when contact to the skin is mad

  • The elegant design is portable and lightweight.

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